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Who we are

We are an advertising agency created out of passion and love for design. By creating things tailored to their needs, we create a new reality that helps our clients sell.

An interactive agency specializes in building brands for large and small companies. We have the competences of a graphic studio, advertising agency and software house, which we have been constantly improving since 2003. We turn the experience we have gained into the success of our clients. We offer effective marketing solutions because we listen, cooperate and understand the needs of the target customer.

We create a unique graphic form for demanding customers. We create effective solutions that sell. We design the visual identity of the brand. Thanks to us, companies gain time to create their own business.

We combine the passion for creating unique things with the latest technology. Pinkpin is a design and programming studio specializing in websites, branding, designing publications, printing, and developing creative concepts. When analyzing the client’s needs, we always suggest effective possibilities based on user experience, tailored to the needs and budget.


The hardest part is deciding to act. The rest is just a matter of persistence.

Amelia Earhart

graphic design studio

We are a branding studio that helps create new brands and improve the existing ones. We build strong brands that sell.


WordPress websites

Www pages

We create professional websites and online stores designed for UX / UI for a specific customer.

We develop a unique design for each newly created website. We create websites with WordPress and WooCommerce content management systems. We will design, implement and administer your website.

WordPress sites

Original WordPress theme

Original WordPress theme

Websites based on the original WordPress theme are better optimized for performance and SEO. The original WordPress theme allows full control over the process, efficiency and final appearance of the website.

WordPress integrations

WordPress integrations

WordPress integrations allow you to implement many functions into your WordPress website or WooCommerce store. Thanks to the use of, for example, the ACF PRO plug-in, we extend the scope of the website built on WordPress and adapt the website to the client’s needs.

WordPress website positioning

WordPress website positioning

The main purpose of WordPress SEO positioning is to improve its visibility in the Google search engine. Good website configuration on WordPress makes it easier to conduct SEO activities, so we care about the optimal number of plugins, and programming the website on the original theme guarantees better positions.

WordPress administration

WordPress administration

Work on the website does not end after publishing it on the server. For the security of the website, the administration of websites and stores is very important. That is why we offer a comprehensive service related to the current administration, security, development of functionality, changes to the content and appearance of the website.


A modern website supports the brand, becoming its best trader. We design websites whose unique design supports sales.

Www pages

Logotype and visual identification

Logo and brand book

Visual identification is the visual image of the brand that reaches the customer. Thanks to their unique form, companies build their position on the market and in the minds of their clients. Only well-chosen visual identification, based on a professional logo and brand book, is an introduction to building appropriate communication and brand image.


The logo is the basic sign in the company’s visual communication. The logo may consist of a logotype, a signet or a tagline. Properly selected form, shape, fonts and colors have an impact on the construction of the basic graphic symbol identifying the brand. This has an impact on the perception of the company by consumers. Properly selected colors build the image of the brand in a subconscious way. Only in this way can a unique graphic form be created that identifies the company.

Branding is a conscious influence on the perception of the brand in the eyes of consumers. It is a conscious brand creation that helps to distinguish the company or brand from the competition. A properly selected image strategy influences the message that functions in the minds of customers.

Rebrending is a change of the visual brand / company system to one better adapted to the prevailing realities. Rebrending helps companies find a new visual language for communicating with customers. A good reason for rebranding is to change the target group or define it correctly.

Elements of visual identification are elements that complement the corporate identity system with corporate letterhead designs (letterhead, envelopes, offer folders, business cards, folders, etc.), up to the printing of all these materials. All these materials are developed on the basis of the resulting logo and the brand book. Only consistent and thoughtful design of the visual identification of the brand and the company makes the company or product recognizable on the market.

Visual identification

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Google SEO positioning

Positioning of websites – SEO

Designing even the most innovative website is not enough to make it visible in the best positions in the Google search engine. For this purpose, we provide an additional service, which is website positioning.

The websites created by our team are designed in terms of user-friendliness (usability, accessibility). However, in order for the website to become visible to search engines, it must be optimized to the requirements of Google (SEO).

Positioning of websites

Positioning your SEO online store should start with choosing the right platform that will allow you to make changes. A very good choice is the Woocommerce platform, which gives you the opportunity to optimize. User exprience activities are also important in positioning, thanks to which e-commerce records a higher conversion rate.

Google Ads campaigns is a paid form of reaching web users. Thanks to an optimized campaign, we reduce costs to a minimum. We have the ability to create campaigns in Google search results (text ads), product and display campaigns (image ads), video ads (also YouTube), remarketing, promoting the application.

An SEO audit shows what actions you need to do to improve the search results of your website. The audit shows the strengths and weaknesses of the website. We check the website from the side of technical optimization and content optimization. We test the quality of the website on mobile devices and analyze linking.

Too long loading of a website may cause a drop in it in the Google search engine, because it will be considered unfriendly to the user. The shorter the page load time, the higher the position in Google’s natural search results.

Only a well-run Facebook Fanpage strengthens the company’s position in the minds of its recipients. When creating a fanpage, remember that it is a platform that enables communication with the client. For good and consistent communication, you need to create an appropriate strategy. A valuable company profile on Facebook strengthens its position in Google search results.

Social media are valuable platforms for communicating with the client. A properly selected platform increases brand awareness among potential customers. It is an additional tool that allows you to present products and content important to the company, increasing conversion, i.e. CTR (click-trough rate), which indirectly increases the position in natural search results. Among the available portals we have, among others Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twiter etc.

Incompetent selection of positioning tools, the use of unlawful practices results in the imposition of filters on websites and shop windows, which remove them from search engine algorithms. That is why White Hat SEO is so important, i.e. acting in accordance with the guidelines of the Google search engine.

SEO page positioning

We optimize pages and content for Google positioning. #SEO #positioning #SEM

WordPress online store

WooCommerce / Prestashop

WooCommerce and Prestashop are the two most popular online store building platforms. Prestashop is a free platform with a large number of free templates, while WooCommerce is a plugin for the WordPress platform that allows you to build a very flexible and customizable e-Commerce platform.

WooCommerce online stores

WooCommerce integrations

Thanks to the integration of WooCommerce with additional functionalities, we gain time and automate the purchasing process. WooCommerce integration can be performed for functionalities such as shipping, payment gateways, customer service, marketing activities, etc.

Positioning of the WooCommerce online store

We position WooCommerce SEO online stores. In order to obtain higher positions in organic search positions, we conduct a number of long-term activities. We optimize individual elements of the website, create content, and obtain valuable links.

Administration of the online store

We administer websites and online stores based on WordPress WooCommerce. We conduct activities that allow companies to gain time for ongoing customer service. We deal with the security of CMS systems, administer websites, introduce content and product information.

Original WooCommerce store

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin that allows you to integrate with the CMS WordPress system, thanks to which we gain a tool for running an online store. Using ready-made templates, we are not sure if they have been adapted to the new updates. We create original WooCommerce themes that are safer and guarantee the uniqueness of the design.

WooCommerce / Prestashop

The WooCommerce online store includes the necessary functionality, many additional options and the possibility of developing the store in the future.

2D / 3D graphic design

Graphic design studio

Our graphic studio deals with building the image of companies on the Internet. We specialize in design based on UX and UI, which we translate into the language of new media. We combine design with user experience, thanks to which our projects are created for the target audience. Our innovative projects are focused on the business goals of our clients.


A consistent image of the company builds trust in the eyes of customers. One way of presenting visual identification for such materials as: letterhead, briefcase, business card, leaflets and advertising brochure strengthens the marketing message.

Duplicating the image and visual identification elements on a company gadget builds the company’s bond with its recipient. The gifted client will be happy to show our advertising materials at their own business meetings.

In the digital world, printed elements gain a new face. The touch of paper, contact with a refined form, which cannot be changed after printing, means that every printed promotional material is viewed with reverence, be it advertising brochures, posters or a company business card. All these elements are still very much needed in business meetings.

We specialize in designing graphics for new media. Publishing on the Internet has its own specific guidelines, which we implement, among others, designing newsletters, banners, company presentations or graphic designs for websites and online stores.

A coherent image of the corporate identity elements should be repeated for social media. We offer comprehensive brand building in social media. We design background photos, graphics for posts or advertisements, as well as posts for Instagram.

We create outdoor (outdoor) advertisements. Our offer includes large-format banners, rollups and graphics for cars.

Graphic project

We design and implement marketing strategies to build the image of companies on the Internet. As a creative graphic studio, we specialize in combining design and business goals, which we translate into the language of new media. We have experience in creating an image both on and off the web. We focus on an innovative and designer approach that brings measurable benefits.

Websites for Developers

We provide comprehensive services to real estate developers

We combine the passion for creating unique things with the latest technology. Pinkpin is a design and programming studio specializing in websites, branding, designing publications, printing, and developing creative concepts. When analyzing the client’s needs, we always suggest effective possibilities based on user experience, tailored to the needs and budget.

Branding for developers

We create 3D visualizations for newly emerging development investments. Thanks to our visualizations, each investment takes its real shape. Customers are able to see the body of the building, as well as visualize the appearance of a new apartment through interior visualization. Good visuals increase sales.

We provide full service to real estate developers on the Internet. Beginning with designing the logo for the development investment, which emphasizes the advantages of the building. For the completed Identification of the investment, we design and program a website with a flat search engine. We take care of marketing campaigns, we create individual graphics. We run full campaigns in all social media. We help increase sales through appropriate ad targeting.

We prepare advertising materials for real estate fairs. We arrange exhibition stands, design catalogs, folders, business cards, apartment cards, leaflets, billboards, rollups, banners and others. We select appropriate advertising gadgets. We deal with the entire process from design to printing along with the delivery of ready-made materials. We take care of every detail with reverence.

graphic designs for developers

The key criterion for sales marketing activities on the real estate market is the professional image of the company. We build an image that inspires the trust of new customers. We know how to increase sales.

What are the benefits of working with us?

We subordinate the utility design that sells. We create with passion for design. Our advertising agency in Lodz will help with all marketing activities carried out on the Internet and beyond.

Usability, adaptation to needs combined with an attractive form are our showcase. Thanks to this, our clients’ projects stand out from the competition.