Księga znaku
Księga znaku

Corporate identity

Brand book

The brand book is one of the important elements to remember when building a brand. It is a logo instruction manual that gives the possibility of maintaining consistency when creating many elements that build the brand. It will contain information for people who will work on it on a daily basis – marketers, brand managers, other designers, printers, producers of advertising gadgets, etc.

The brand book enables the proper use of the logo by other people. Each logo has strictly defined parameters, such as typography, colors, correct proportions or a protective field. Developing a brand book guarantees building a coherent image.

When creating a brand book, you need to clarify and define how the logo will be displayed on computer monitors, on various media, such as gadgets or print. Depending on the level of complexity of the mark, as well as the specificity of the industry in which the client operates, the book of the mark contains various information enabling further work on the brand.

Working on a brand book requires accuracy, precision and experience.

Working on a sign book requires accuracy, precision and experienced

The brand book consists of elements such as:

  • Logo definition / genesis.
  • Basic logo versions.
  • Alternative logo versions.
  • Logo construction.
  • Character protection field.
  • Scaling and minimum character sizes.
  • Character typography.
  • Character colors.
  • Applying the character to different backgrounds.
  • Modifications not allowed.

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