Branding dla deweloperów. Czyli jak sprzedawać dobrze w branży nieruchomości
Branding dla deweloperów. Czyli jak sprzedawać dobrze w branży nieruchomości

How to sell well in the real estate industry?

Branding for developers

We have been serving developers from all over Poland and abroad for many years. Our experience supports sales and thanks to this our clients are able to sell more efficiently and faster.

We know that we can only make the first impression once, so we take care of even the smallest detail.

How can we help?

4 aspects of quick sales

01. image / visualizations

High-quality corporate identity to get you started. It is thanks to her that our potential clients will feel taken care of and will want to live in our investment. The most important elements of our investment are good, credible visualizations that will make viewers aware of the type of investment they are experiencing. It is also establishing the colors and logotype of the investment, which will immediately distinguish us from the competition. When building an investment, you should also take care of advertising gadgets , which our client will gladly show off to his friends, as well as company prints, such as: folders, business cards, letterheads or advertising folders.

02. online and offline advertising

Online advertising. We will design and prepare an engaging website that meets the criteria of mobility and usability . Thanks to the website, recipients will have the opportunity to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the investment and learn about its strengths.

We will also take care of promoting the website in social media and in the Google search engine.

We will take care of promotion outside the Internet. We will prepare the company for trade fairs by designing advertising walls and rollups. We will prepare virtual presentations showing apartment plans. We will design visually attractive printing materials, ie catalogs, leaflets, posters, apartment cards, large-format banners, billboards, signs . We will take care of precise printing of all products.

03. A remarkable site with CMS to request an investment

We will take care of the ease of use of the website through a well-developed CMS to handle the investment. An easy investment management system for developers allows to update the status of apartments on an ongoing basis. Thanks to this, potential clients have quick and full access to information on the availability of residential premises.

04. interactive investment map with a list of premises

An easy-to-use apartment search engine allows you to quickly and efficiently obtain the necessary information about the investment. Thanks to the apartment search in 3d you can visualize the idea of your own apartment even more efficiently.

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