building a brand from scratch


Branding is a series of well-thought-out activities that build brand awareness. Branding is information about the brand that remains in the recipient’s memory . Brand perception is influenced by values, brand strategy and visual identification. Comprehensive branding, i.e. brand image strategy , can define various areas of its life.

Brand awareness is built through consistency and consistency . Effective branding is a long-term process that is to tell about what a brand is and why this brand perfectly meets the needs of consumers. It is to give the company a unique character and distinguish it from the competition, and above all, reach the awareness of customers.

In order to properly define the image, it is important to find answers to some of the most important questions. What are the strengths and weaknesses, how to highlight the benefits of the product. The purpose with which the brand enters the market is also important. Depending on it, the branding or rebranding process is carried out.

What elements should be planned and implemented?

The key to the brand are its name, logo and slogan . Also important are: website, visual identification system and marketing , that is the way of communicating with the client. It is important that all these elements are consistent and create a clear message that will be remembered in accordance with the way the brand wants to appear in the mind of the recipient. The brand’s value and strength builds a coherent message. These activities must be implemented at every level for the brand to evoke the same emotions and associations. If you have decided to create the image of an expert, do not stealthily introduce the archetype of a rebel or a jester, because the brand will cease to be credible. We create brands, create new opportunities .

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