Logo / Logotype design is one of the most important elements in building a brand. The use of an appropriate, unique and recognizable mark gives the brand character, showing it in the right light in front of customers. The use of the right form and color evokes the desired emotions planned by the designer.

The logo is the beginning for the company when creating visual identification, but the most important beginning. A well-chosen basis for visual identification enables further brand design. The company logo should be timeless and unique enough to survive the trends and fashions in design.

Why is a logo so important to building a solid brand?

Consider how often companies change their logos? When creating a brand, do we plan immediately that something will be fine-tuned later, or do we want everything to be planned right away. The answer is simple, brands do not plan to change at the beginning, their task is to refine all elements at the start. The changes result from technological changes, so we will change the appearance of the website more often than the logo itself.

The logo is the essence of the brand and is intended to represent it.

What to do to design a logo? Although the question should rather be what aspects of working with an advertising agency should pay attention to.

Should the logo contain elements characteristic of a given industry in the construction of its logo? Do Cocacola or Pepsi have a bottle in the logo? Does the logo of Fedex have a symbolic arrow indicating the direction or a courier handing the package? The questions, although rhetorical, should make you realize that although the logo is to be easy to understand, it cannot be trivial, it should not operate on simple associations and simple solutions. Otherwise, we will not create a unique brand.

What aspects build a logo?

01. Typography

It depends on how our logo will be received by our recipients. Research shows that typography is the graphic equivalent of modulating the human voice. The use of an appropriate font will determine in a few seconds whether a given brand focuses on modernity or whether it wants to emphasize luxury or elegance. We can trigger all these elements for our recipient in a few simple steps.

02. Color

Color carries an emotional charge. The psychological aspect of color in design is the most important element of how the brand is perceived by its customers. When building a brand, it is important to choose the right colors, which are also influenced by their cultural perception. The perception of colors is influenced by hue, brightness and saturation. Research shows that brightness and saturation have a strong influence on the emotional perception of a brand. Therefore, when choosing a color scheme when building a brand, our personal color preferences cannot decide. We need to focus on the perception of color by the targeted audience.

03. Shape and proportion

The use of geometry attributes has a huge impact on the perception of brand characteristics. The use of oval or sharp shapes will affect the way the brand is perceived by recipients. It will be the same with the use of the golden ratio and harmony in design.

The multitude of forms and solutions can be troublesome for a person who does not deal with design on a daily basis. That is why we invite you to contact us, where we will be able to personally show the changes that we have made for our clients and which caused their brands to grow and start earning money.

The most important aspect when choosing a branding agency should be its portfolio. It is worth paying attention to whether the presented projects differ from each other? Does each project have a different aspect.

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