Pozycjonowanie stron WWW
Pozycjonowanie stron WWW


Positioning of websites

SEO – (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a long-term process, improving the amount of incoming traffic from search engine results (Google) to a positioned page. Positioning of websites focuses on the quality of traffic and its quantity. With a well-run campaign, SEO effects will only be visible after a few weeks or even months. Because these activities are prepared for a long-term effect.

Research shows that SEO is the most effective marketing channel on the Internet . Effective organic positioning of pages and stores and Google Ads campaigns consists in improving visibility in the Google search engine in the areas of: keyword selection, website audit, checking, improving the website code, technical optimization of the website, or also linkbuilding .

When creating a website, website in our agency, we take care of the effects of SEO positioning from the very beginning. A well-designed website enables much faster and more effective search engine positions. We know that optimized code is the best investment as it significantly speeds up the positioning process. The correct use of technology, in accordance with the standards, as well as the optimization of the speed of the website or online store application are important for optimizing SEO activities. During optimization, the website code is checked for errors.

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