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UX / UI design

We deal with usability design – UX and UI design. How are these terms different and how do apply? User Experience ( UX) focuses on user experience . It examines how the recipient will receive and experience our website. Its role is to ensure the correct placement of information and its legibility. The experience of UX designer influences the way users perceive the website. On a well-designed website, the user knows what action to take step by step. This is especially important during the shopping cart and can affect the bounce rate .

UX focuses on how to contact a website or application. A well-designed website in terms of UX intuitively guides the user through all the important elements of the website. This affects the appropriate placement of information on the main page, the way the menu is expanded. On the placement of the key CTAs. Putting texts and graphics in the right places.

UX deals with the structure of information and its hierarchy – usability design. After the usability design stage, the graphic design stage – that is the user interface (UI ), follows. It is appropriate clothing information in good design . In this phase, the usability project receives a graphic expression, i.e. typography, iconography, photographs, proportions, size and graphic style of the components of the graphic design are selected. It is important to choose the right color scheme in terms of color psychology.

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